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Learn How To Make Rap Beats Online While Using The Top Programs

Have you ever sat back and listen to the radio or television, or maybe at a night club and wonder how to make rap beats?

When you hear how many millions of dollars can be made in the rap music industry these days, little wonder that a lot of people are trying their hands at creating their own rap beats. After all, most of us already have the fundamental piece of equipment required - you computer.

When you start checking in to how to make rap beats you will see that there a lot of software programs that can be used to create rap beats. These range in price from just a few dollars (in some cases for a mere 'donation' ) to very advanced and sophisticated Digital Audi Workstation (DAW), which can cost up to several hundred dollars.

Before you go off spending a lot of time and money on this enterprise though just consider a few things yo need in order to master how to make rap beats:

•do you have any natural ability in this are, such as knowing how to play a musical instrument
•do you feel you have the ability to discern the different notes in your mind
•do a you the creativity needed to come up with various rap beats, and not just the same old same-old
•how about rhythm and flow - can you put the whole thing together to produce something that really stands out ?

In terms of equipment when you are thinking about how to make rap beats - all you really need at first is some software running on your home computer or laptop. Download some free trial versions to get going initially. Read some reviews first and see what others are saying about ease of use, features and limitations.

Once you have been going through these initial paces on how to make rap beats you will soon get to the point where you begin to out grow the software that you have installed. At this point you may wish to consider an online service so that you can take advantage of more advanced features with having a big outlay of money.

The next natural progression in you quest on how to make rap beats may be to purchase more advance software bringing you to the levels of the DAW mentioned above. But, again, research the products carefully and read the reviews that are available. Check out some retail outlets that may specialize in this and see what they think and recommend. And as usual, try before you buy.

Your next progression will lead you into the realm of adding hardware such as samplers and and keyboards, and as you guessed, these can be extremely sophisticated running into the thousands of dollars.

So now that you have the basics on how to make rap beats, go online now and start checking it out - you will simply be amazed at whats out there. Go to some of the forums as well, and some of the major brands websites. The more you do your homework in researching whats available is the better you off will be when its time to decide exactly where to begin.

Visit: Beat Maker

Also, visit: Sonic Producer

Also, make sure you visit: Music Producer Pro

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Learn How to Make Hip Hop Beats Online While You Use The Best Pr

So you want to learn how to make hiphop beats. While this is not a particularly difficult undertaking, it does have, at least, the basic requirement that you yourself have some musical inclination or skill.

You will need to be a somewhat creative person and be able to virtually assemble the whole piece in your head to a certain degree. Then you can begin to refine each element of the beat as you go along.

You will also need to become familiar with the terms used in the industry but these are very easily learned as you embark on your mission of how to make hiphop beats. terms like Orchestration, Dubs and snips, MIDI, Bass Line etc are just a few.

And then there is all the associated software and equipment which you will need to know how to use properly if you are going to be successful at this. But before purchasing anything you should carefully evaluate them online by visiting various websites that issue opinions on these types of equipment from expert users. And read through the forums too, to get a 'sense' as to to the first hand experience of those actually using the equipment and/or software that you have under consideration, while learning how to make hiphop beats. See what some of the more advanced features are and, especially, the limitations of each.

When you are just beginning to learn how to make hiphop beats, spend a little time listening to what's out there now .. can you get a feel for the rhythm and flow of the piece. Could you maybe substitute certain elements here and there. These are some of the basic things you will need to have mastered in order to make your own hiphop beats. Its hard to imagine not having these skills before investing more time and money in learning how to make hiphop beats.

Try downloading some free shareware software before buying anything. Once you have outgrown this then maybe you could try a good 'middle-of-the-road' platform. Most companies will offer a trial period so you can test it out to make ensure that it has the features that you desire.

In terms of equipment, as you get more and more familiar with what is available in this field as you learn how to make hiphop beats, you will see references being made to certain pieces of equipment such as samplers, mixers and keyboards. After doing research on these, try to obtain them by going to discount websites, or even second hand, on auction sites such as eBay.

Once you have more or less mastered the basics of how to make hiphop beats, start working on a creation of your own that you can share with your friends or family to get their opinion of your piece.

And most of all, have fun while learning how to make hiphop beats! You don't want this to be a major chore, because it may well inhibit your creativity. Just remember to take it a step at a time because while being fun, t get all the major components together can add up to a sizable investment - so you want to make sure that this is for you!

And of course, your first step is to get yourself a Beat Maker. A good beat making software is called Sonic Producer

Also, make sure you visit: Music Producer Pro

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iTunes Music Organizer

You would have had to be living under a rock for the past nine years, if you missed the release by Apple Computer of what has become the most popular digital media player application ever: iTunes. It is used for playing and organizing digital music and video files, as well as functioning as an interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular iPod digital medial players, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Not to be forgotten is its ability to connect to the iTunes Store via the Internet to purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, iPod games, audiobooks, podcasts, feature length films and movie rentals, even ringtones!

Of all the uses listed above, music has become the most popular use of iTunes which has created a rave nationwide and across the world, not to mention the skyrocketing increase in sales for Apple Computer.

To accommodate the popularity and volume of music being downloaded, played and stored by millions of iTunes users, the iTunes music organizer came into being. It serves as an easy and automatic way to organize and manage your music library and your entire mp3 collection. Believe it or not, this can be done with the click of a button. Why is that not so surprising, given the amazing technology and convenience of this generation. The iTunes music organizer not only provides a fantastic way of playing digital music and video files, but it can also interface with the popular iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Here are some functions of an iTunes music organizer and other similar media players, depending on what software you choose to use and the version which you may adopt:

To download and organize music choices
To synchronize content with the iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.
To organize by language, subject and category, and automatically update subscribed podcasts
To keep track of songs by creating a virtual library, allowing users to access and edit a song's attributesremove duplicate songs
To fix details of a song which have been written incorrectly or mispelt
To fill in needed information such as artists, years and genres
To add missing album network
To sort all your music files and to be able to identify what might be missing or whether any file has been duplicated
To easily change tracks without having to actually switch to a particular album
To be able to synchronize with several popular mobile phones natively (not all organizers are able to perform this function)
To do all its functions automatically so you can save all the time it would have taken you to do these tasks manually

If you choose to visit the various blogs that exist on the iTunes music organizer, you will be able to pick up othe functions and tips shared by the myriad of users and iTunes enthusiasts who are happy to post their feedback and experiences in using this music organizer. For every problem or difficulty that you might be having with your iTunes music organizer, there will be three or more answers or possibilities to try and fix that particular problem. These blogs cater to those who are in a hurry and searching for shortcuts and quick answers to tidy up their songs and music.

If you are one who has just come out from under his rock and you enjoy music, think about using the Itunes Organizer to help you organize your music.

Also, you should definitely take a look at this Itunes Cleanup software.

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Fix Mp3 Tags
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Itunes Cleanup

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iTunes Cleanup

iTunes Cleanup

If you own a closet filled with clothes, you know what it is like to have a mess that needs to be sorted and cleaned up. Well, your iTunes music collection is no different at all.

Sometimes too many songs that you have are not tagged properly, many of them are missing album names and artist names, some may have wrong track titles and most may not have any album art. If you were to try to clean up your music collection manually, this would take weeks of tedious work, to say the least.

The way to alleviate this situation is to perform a quick and successful and almost hassle-free iTunes cleanup.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal:

Do a back-up of your iTunes library
Delete the music that you do not want to keep
Do a manual deletion of all duplicates
Make use of software to remove bulk duplicates, especially if you have a large library
Remove deleted files which remain listed in your library
When your library is free of duplicates and deleted files, you can backup and convert to MP3
Fix meta data or information, erroneous song titles or album info - try fixing one album or folder at a time and saving over your back-up
Rebuild your iTunes library after making sure of your back-up above
Sort out and update your album artwork

You may decide to go the way of subscribing to a software to do this job for you. Enter 'Tune Up', your music's new best friend, as some refer to it. The TuneUp iTunes cleanup product can be subscribed to free of cost, cleaning up to 500 songs. Over and beyond that, you can sign up for a one year unlimited song clean up subscription for $11.95, as well as a life time subscription of $19.95 (limited offer).

The TuneUp iTunes plug-in is by far the easiest way to clean up all the patchy and scattered information in your iTunes. All you have to do is drag and drop songs into TuneUp.

How does the TuneUp iTunes cleanup work? Remembering that every piece of music, no matter from what source, contains a certain audio signature, TuneUp will then compare that signature with the online music database 'Gracenote'. It will then retrieve all the information and album art about the song and simply put it in iTunes. Voila!

TidySongs is another automatic cleanup tool which will alleviate the painful manual process of going through one song at a time to fix the missing information on your song list. If you choose to go this route, all you have to do is to download the TidySongs application. Because it is an AIR application download, once the download is finished, you will end up with a ZIP file on your desktop. Once unzipped, the application is ready to be launched. Just a note of caution should you choose to take advantage of TidySongs: once you launch the application, make sure your local iTunes application is running and not engaged with other activities, for example, synching to your iPod, iPhone or other music players or downloading of podcasts.

Whether you decide to use one of the two downloads above or to go the way of a manual clean up, making sure you do an Itunes Cleanup is the best way to enjoy the music from your library, clutter-free.

Take a look at this Itunes Organizer

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